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The Home page displays all my musings on life in Japan and a few other things (baseball and children's books are distinct possibilities). For highlights only: "A Day in the Life (edited)." "Tabemono (Food)" is exactly that. "Big in Japan" is my completely biased and oversimplified list of what is popular in Japan, and "Kimono Count" is a day-by-day record of the people I see in traditional dress. "Editor's Delight" catalogs the unintentionally amusing and apparently quite complicated world of Japanese-English translation. "Uncle Tucker" tracks our sightings of a certain cat following us around Japan.

Kimono Count

Kimono Count*


                   Because a day without kimonos 
is a day without sunshine.

Sunday, June 3rd:  1
Monday, June 4rd:  2
Tuesday, June 5th: 0
Wednesday, June 6th: 0 (sigh)
Thursday, June 7th:  1
Friday, June 8th:  6 (2 men)
Saturday, June 9th:  0
Sunday, June 10th:  2
Monday, June 11th:  0
Tuesday, June 12th:  0 (sigh)
Wednesday, June 13th: 0 (starting to feel paranoid; where have all the kimonos gone?)
Thursday, June 14th:  14!
Friday, June 15th:  5 (one man)
Saturday, June 16th:  20+
Sunday, June 17th: 20+
Monday, June 18th:  20+ 
Tuesday, June 19th:  1
Wednesday, June 20th: 0 (get with it, Tokyo)
Thursday, June 21st: 0
Friday, June 22nd:  4 (2 men)
Saturday, June 23rd:  6 (2 men)
Sunday, June 24th: 5
Monday, June 25th: 0
Tuesday, June 26th: 1
Wednesday, June 27th:  4 (1 man)
Thursday, June 28th:  0
Friday, June 29th:  6
Saturday, June 30th: 5
Sunday, July 1st:  0
Monday, July 2nd:  2
Tuesday, July 3rd:  5
Wednesday, July 4th: 20+  (Tokyo Disneyland)
Thursday, July 5th: 0
Friday, July 6th: 9 (1 man)
Saturday, July 7th: 2
Sunday, July 8th:  5 (1 man)
Monday, July 9th:  2 
Tuesday, July 10th:  4 (1 man, who was wearing a jaunty straw fedora, too.) 
Wednesday, July 11th:  0
Thursday, July 12th:  1 (man)
Friday, July 13th:  1 
Saturday, July 14th: 2
Sunday, July 15th: 11 (1 man)  
Monday, July 16th:  1
Tuesday, July 17th:  1 (man) 
Wednesday, July 18th: 5 (2 men) 
Thursday, July 19th:  2 
Friday, July 20:  3
Saturday, July 21st: 18 (2 men)
Sunday, July 22nd:  3 (1 man)
Monday, July 23rd:  5
Tuesday, July 24th: 3
Wednesday, July 25th: 10 (1 man)
Thursday, July 26:  0 
Friday, July 27th:  5 (2 men)
Saturday, July 28th:   13 (6 men)
Sunday, July 29th:  6
Monday, July 30th: 1

*The count is of women, unless I indicate otherwise, but I don't count the robe-like yukata (the lightweight, "under" kimono), though I do count cotton kimono.

Italicized days are days we were in Kyoto, the center of the effort to encourage people (esp. the younger Japanese generation) to wear traditional dress.  In Kyoto you can receive discounts on entrance fees to museums, shrines, and temples, as well as to other venues (even reduced taxi fares) if you wear traditional dress.  You can even rent kimonos and walk around town for the day.  So, the numbers in Kyoto are skewed, but it's a fabulous spectacle nonetheless.