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Monday, July 2, 2012

I'll Take You There...

not really.  But oh how I would, I would, I would, if only I could.  I first read about Gulliver's Kingdom a few years ago.  It was a spectacular phantasm of a theme park, plunked down in the shadow of Mt. Fuji.

(The photos are from weburbanist.com.)
Turns out it is gone now.  Demolished.  The fam and I just made a trip to Hakone in the Mt. Fuji area last weekend, so we were within striking distance, if only something were left to see.  Just do yourself a favor:  pour yourself a drink and read on.  If nothing else, it will bring back the days of your high school English class.

Adandoned Gulliver's Travels Theme Park

(I dedicate this post to the memory of Professor Paul Fussell, one of the great (bombastic) lit. profs., and a prof. of mine in grad. school back in the day.)

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